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For buff, wax, and detailing information, please call us at (651) 439-9000 or send an e-mail to info@stillwatermarineservices.com.

Buff, wax & detailing

Give your boat the protection it needs with high quality 3M wax.  This wax from 3M is designed for the marine environment.  We apply the wax by hand and then we use a variable speed buffer to work the wax into the pores of the gelcoat to produce a very nice protective shine.  Protect your investment from the summer's UV rays.  This should be done twice a year to keep that "new boat" look.

Buffing preps the surface of the gelcoat before the application of wax.  Buffing the gelcoat will remove any surface imperfection like minor scratches, cloudiness and surface grime.  3M makes a variety of different buffing compounds to work different surface conditions.  Heavy duty compounds for serious restoration jobs to light duty for newer boats.  High speed buffer and the right 3M products will assure your boat will look its best.

Detailing services are listed below:

  • Complete boat wash and exterior windows cleaned
  • Complete interior wipe down, interior glass and vacuum
  • Steam cleaning of carpets
  • Stainless polish
  • Bottom cleaning to remove the yellow stains or algae build up
  • Bilge cleaning
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